Saturday, 3 December 2016

Week 11- Musicals

I've never really been a huge fan of 'themed' weeks & I have to say that this week was no different really.

I liked the opening dance & it was nice to see the kids getting involved but I think Anton should stick to dancing!

The performances this week:

Ore & Joanne
Footwork not bad but needed more drive.  A good frame & was light and lyrical.  The extra dancers were a bit pointless though & got in the way on such a small floor with such big costumes.
My score - 9

Judge Rinder & Oksana
Flat footed & hips a bit forced at times. Knees too straight in places so a lack of bounce action in some figures.  A good attempt at batucada's & good energy.
My score - 7

Louise & Kevin
Another demonstration of an American Smooth routine, just a quickstep version.  Like last week, there was too much faffing around, out of hold. Lots of running around the floor & not enough proper quickstep for my liking. Her hold was a bit dodgy at times & her poise was too upright for most of it.
My score - 8 (judges over marked in my opinion)

Claudia & AJ
Brilliant timing & synchronicity with AJ. Great lifts & energy and a good performance.  Just needed a bit more fluidity in her hips.
My score - 9

Danny & Oti
Firstly, I want his jacket! Secondly, what a nic change to hear a well sung track! He performed it well. Good leading & he looked confident & in control. He missed some heel leads but then so did she so she either doesn't know or doesn't care but if she wasn't doing them you can't expect her to make sre he was. Shame really as it was the stand-out dance of the night for me.
My score - 9

My bottom 2 - Judge Rinder & Louise (but she won't be in the bottom 2)

Until next week,

Keeeeep dancing!

Lloyd x

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