Saturday, 10 December 2016


Well, here we are again, semi-final week.  First time we see the celebs dance 2 dances.  Did it affect anyone's performances?  It did in my opinion:

Louise & Kevin
Tango - Very few heel leads which no-one picked up on - disappointed as last week they all mentioned it to Danny. Her poise was too upright & she went wrong at the end. Good timing though. My score - 8

Samba - Saved her worst dance until last. Not much bounce, very rough in places, not much hip action & some back knees were bent when they should have been straight. Good content.
My score - 8

Danny & Oti
Salsa - Brilliant lead throughout. Good hips but not enough on his basic movements. Very slick & controlled.
My score - 9

American Smooth - Very romantic & elegant. Great synchronicity in the out of hold sections. Good rotation & roll on the natural turns. The last catch was amazing but didn't like the wrap lift - looked like it went wrong to me.
My score - 9

Claudia & AJ
Rumba - Mature performance. Well controlled but not much basic content. Good leg & hip actions but a bit stiff in places.
My score - 9

Quickstep - Wow.  Amazing control on poise with all of that speed & content. Well performed, good footwork & she kept her stride length matching his.
My score - 10

Ore & Joanne
Quickstep - Light, controlled, full of content.  He kept his frame well & had good footwork. Just dropped his left arm a couple of times
My score - 9

Argentine Tango - Pretty good. Sharp & precise but I felt it lacked a bit of connection in places for me. Great lifts but he lost balance at the end.
My score - 9

In my opinion there was one celeb who struggled with learning 2 dances and that was Louise (AKA the judges favourite). Neither were her best dances & how Craig marked her Tango 9 but Ore's quickstep 8, I will never understand!!

My 3 for the final - based on tonight - Danny, Claudia & Ore.  Louise was weakest but doubt she will be in the bottom 2 and even if she is, the judges will save her.

See you at the final!

Lloyd x

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