Saturday, 26 November 2016

Week 10

Ok so this week was the return to the studio & the first ever Cha Cha Challenge! After the rubbish (in my opinion) published in the papers this week about a conspiracy to get rid of Ed, I very much expect he will stay in.  How absurd to think the BBC bosses want him out - he's the reason a lot of people are talking about the show!

Anyway, enough of my ranting!:

Danny & Oti
Probably the best Samba from a male celeb ever. Yes, I know he's had dance experience but Samba is technically an incredibly hard dance with the bounce actions, hip actions, rhythm changes and unique techniques not found in any other dance. It's hard for an experienced Latin dancer to master, let alone a non-latin dancer (which he is!).  He had great hip actions, good leading skills, good content, hs batucada were really good, as were his cruzado walks. The slow section at the start was really hard to control as it shows up everything but he nailed it.
My score - 10 (I apologise to anyone who listened to me on BBC Radio Kent this morning! I said I rarely give out 10's but I think he deserved it tonight)

Ore & Joanne
Good modern twist on a Paso. I liked the drama. Good shaping & arms, very powerful & well danced.
My score - 9

Louise & Kevin
I have an issue with this (and Craig). To me, this was more of an American Smooth waltz. In that entire dance there were only 12 bars in proper ballroom hold (I counted them!).  A contra check, a bit of basic, pivots & 2 sets of dodgy open impetus' does not a proper waltz make! Yet not one of the judges mentioned it. Craig tore Natalie off a strip for doing the same in her Rumba with Greg but didn't comment on it tonight?  What she did dance was nice with good rise & fall but she missed some heel leads.
My score - 8 (sorry but that's me being honest)

Judge Rinder & Oksana
HIps a bit hit & miss & his forward walks he was picking up off the floor instead of pushing into it. Wasn't keen on the 'broken' wrist on his free arm (again something I'm surprised Craig didn't mention).
My score - 7

Ed & Katya
Oh dear. The first week I watched him & struggled to find something positive, The story didn't work, he was stompy & stampy. His frame was all wrong & he had no neck for most of it. Not his best dance.
My score - 5

Claudia & AJ
Her best yet. Incredible lifts, strong, controlled, well performed, powerful & sharp. On a down side he's starting to get on my nerves a bit. I know he's young but in my eyes he's coming across as a bit 'look at me'.
My score - 9

Cha Cha Challenge
I have to say that the camera angles were terrible & made marking it almost impossible. They needed a static shot to help us compare them as a whole.
My scores:
1st - Danny
2nd - Louise
3rd - Ore
4th - Claudia
5th - Judge Rinder
7th - Ed

My bottom 2 this week - Ed & Judge Rinder. I have to say that on this week's performances, I think Ed does actually deserve to be in the bottom 2 (but still not sure he will be)

Until next week,

keeeep dancing!

Lloyd x

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