Monday, 21 November 2016

Week 9 - Blackpool

Was it me or was the audio a bit off this week? It seemed like they were all talking out of sync?

Anyway - my views this week:

Firstly, great opening number. Was nice to see a traditional performance.

Claudia & AJ
Off time for most of it - seemed like she was struggling with the speed. She was too stiff & had no hip actions on the rock. Mistake at the beginning but flicks weren't too bad.
My score - 7

Ore & Joanne
Fast but well controlled. Did well to cover the floor. Very good continuous fleckerl. He just needed a bit more sway on the natural turns.
My score - 9

Louise & Kevin
Good show dance but not enough Paso for me.  Chasse capes & Twists but not much else really. Good passion & drama & good lines. After my comments about Craig not marking Greg's Rumba for performance & he seemingly punishing him for the choreo, I will mark her performance & technique.
My score - 9

Danny & Oti
Was I the only one who noticed 3 mistakes? First he was out of sync with Oti in the beginning, then he missed a move when on the table & when he got off the table he was briefly on the wrong foot & had to correct it. Apart from that it was really good.
My score - 9

Ed & Katya
Typical Ed - rough technique which is just on the right side of OK but very entertaining. Needed sharper flicks but timing was good.
My score - 7

Greg & Natalie
Not bad, quite light & energetic. He had to re-set his frame a couple of times & was on the wrong foot in the leap. I disagree with Craig regarding the power & height on his chasse's.  He is not used to a sprung floor. The height was slightly too much but I think it was due to the floor bouncing him more than he was used to.
My score - 8

Judge Rinder & Oksana
Timing was ok for most of it. Good hips but felt it was a little bit tame for me. Good lifts though.
My score - 8

My bottom 2 - Ed & Claudia

I have seen the dance-off & I personally would have put Greg through. They both corrected their previous mistakes but I think Greg was softer & more controlled & she was still too stiff and lacked technique compared to him.

Until next week

Keeeeep dancing!

Lloyd x

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