Sunday, 13 November 2016

Week 8

So I'm writing this having watched the show on Sunday evening due to a busy weekend but I promise I haven't watched the results show yet or looked to see who went out!

The performances:

Daisy & Aljaz
Good lifts but didn't like the music. Not much basic salsa. Needed more flex in the knees to help hr hip rotation.
My score - 8

Greg & Natalie
Powerful & very well lead. Kept in character all the way through. He needed more shaping in his upper body & lost the width in his frame during his pivots.
My score - 8

Judge Rinder & Oksana
Well danced with very good footwork. Good timing but needed more CBMP as he was a bit square in his frame when outside his partner.
My score - 8

Ore & Joanne
Romantic & nicely danced. Excellent arms & leading. Just a bit upright & 'out' of his hips at times. Good leg actions mostly though.
My score - 9

Ed & Katya
Still very entertaining. Lifts all risky but worked quite well, considering he almost dropped her in a previous attempt at lifts! Not much salsa & no hip action but do still like watching him.
My score - 7

Claudia & AJ
Fluid, good rotations, good poise. the natural part of her double fleckerl was off time with him so she had to change feet by missing a beat at the end to get herself back on track.
My score - 8

Danny & Oti
Nice dance. fast, precise & impressive choreography. I personally liked the aggression as I thought it worked with the story line. He lead the whole dance well too.
My score - 9

Louise & Kevin
Great music, great performance. Well danced & good timing. Only issue for me is that American Smooth rules state that only 40% is allowed to be out of hold and that was much more than 40% out of hold.
My score - 9

My bottom 2 - Ed & Daisy ( I know I scored Daisy the same as others but I think she was weaker overall)

I'm off to watch the results show now! lol

Until next week

Keeeeep dancing!

Lloyd x

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