Saturday, 12 November 2016

Week 7

So, Laura & Oti in the dance-off then.  I'm surprised but not shocked as we are at the time in the series where the entertaining ones are voted in & the middle-board couples are in the dance-off.  As much as they are fun to watch, I think it's time for Ed & Judge Rinder to say their goodbyes.

As you can tell from the above, I've had an incredibly busy weekend & not written this until after the Sunday programme but I promise that I made my notes very late Saturday night/Sunday morning.

My notes on the performances:

Danny & Oti
He certainly bounced back. Great energy, good flicks, good tricks. Just lacked hip actions on the rocks as his back step was too big.
My score - 9

Daisy & Aljaz
Quite pretty but needed a bit more sway & she lost her neck into her shoulders. Her fleckerl after her contra check was also a bit off time.
My score -8

Ore & Joanne
Not bad but needed more hip rotations. Good lifts, good energy & good partnering.
My score - 9

Ed & Katya
Better than expected. Good energy, good timing & his frame wasn't bad either. Light on his feet but needed more drive on the more basic figures.
My score - 8

Laura & Giovanni
Welcome to the Giovanni show, folks! He could have got her to at least attempt a Batucada rather than letting her just stand there while he did 2! And then all the spins at the end? Not her best dance, needed to finish her lines & she went wrong at the beginning. Not much bounce action either.
My score - 7

Judge Rinder & Oksana
Pretty good. Frame a bit loose through some of the jumps. Good rhythm & he coped with all of the content. His foot work on lock steps was wrong.
My score- 8

Louise & Kevin
Fabulous, passionate, sharp & powerful. Amazing timing & a brilliant ending drop.
My score - 10

Greg & Natalie
Good rotation, smooth & good floor coverage. Fleckerl was good but a bit big. Just needs to pull shoulders back & down to avoid hunching.
My score - 8

Claudia & AJ
Awful music (yet again). A bit smooth at times but good core strength a expected. She was on the wrong foot at one point.
My score - 8

My bottom 2 - Ed & Laura

Until next week

Keeeeeep dancing!

Lloyd x

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