Saturday, 29 October 2016

Week 6 - Halloween

So, Lesley & Daisy in the dance-off last week. Unexpected. I got a long, ranting message from a very disgruntled viewer slating me for making that decision & being told that they had lost 2 viewers & I hope I was proud of myself; only to then get a huge apology when they realised I wasn't actually anything to do with the show & was just a lowly dance teacher.  Make me chuckle though!

This week's performances:

Louise & Kevin
Awful, awful music.  Who, on God's green earth, ever thought that a Beyonce song would make a good Charleston?  And who the hell agreed with them?!?!  The dance itself was pretty good, good swivels, nice amount of energy & she performed it better than usual.
My score - 9

Judge Rinder & Oksana
I didn't think there was enough 'proper' Paso for me.  The costume made it difficult to see his lines. Quite powerful in places but a bit camp in others!
My score - 7

Claudia & AJ
Nicely danced but this is her second attempt at a Foxtrot (having done American Smooth foxtrot a couple of weeks ago) so I was expecting nothing less. When a lady dances a foxtrot, her backward steps should not have a foot rise & she kept coming up onto her toes. However she did great heel turns & there were nice lifts. Good poise & hold and well acted too.
My score - 9

Anastacia & Brendan
Soppy flicks from both of them, in fact I didn't think he was much better than her tonight (maybe he's still under the weather). She was a bit flat footed at times too but well performed.
My score - 7

Danny & Oti
Shame about the massive error. Good performance & the bits he did right were actually very good technically. I liked the contemporary feel to it too.
My score - 8

Laura & Giovanni
Her best yet. Good passion, great content, nice staccato. Nice hold & poise.  She held the contra check well when he broke hod towards the end - that's hard to do, especially on a sore ankle. I have to disagree with Craig regarding her thumb.  It should not be in his 'pit' as he called it.  That's outdated.  It goes where she had it, for a couple of reasons.  From a lady's point of view do you really want your thumb in a sweaty armpit? From a man's point of view, I can assure you, we do not want a finger nail in our fleshy armpit, thanks! No doubt, after his comments, I will be correcting my ladies who think he knows better over the next couple of weeks, like I did last year!!
My score - 9

Ore & Joanne
Nice dance again.  Swivels were ok to me. Shame about the missed lift. Lots of content & good performance.
My score - 8

Greg & Natalie
Ok, prepare to be ranted at! Nice routine, very powerful & masculine. Very well acted. Good lines, just needed to use his hips more.  Now for the rant: granted there were only about 4 bars of 'proper' rumba in there but these days you will be lucky to get that much at international competitions. Craig was totally out of order giving him a 4. If he couldn't see the rumba & mark it as such then he needs to get out to top level comps more often & get up to date.  He also should not have penalised Greg for choreography he didn't like.  He should have marked Greg on his timing, performance & skills in that dance as a leader & performer, and that alone was worth more than 4.  The man is an idiot.
My score - 8

Daisy & Aljaz
Not a bad Paso. Nice & strong. Good routine. I prefered her arms when they were free rather than holding her dress as she had more powerful shapes then.
My score - 8

Ed & Katya
Love him or loathe him, he did ok tonight. Quite good technique in places & not bad lines although a bit camp in places. Nice free arms & good level of proper figures. He kept mouthing the rhythm though which I'm surprised Craig didn't mention.
My score - 6

My bottom 3 this week - Ed, Anastacia & Craig (he needs sacking after tonight's comments!) Don't hold your breath to see Ed in the dance-off though.

Until next week,

keeeeeeep dancing!

Lloyd x

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