Sunday, 23 October 2016

Week 5

So Naga went last week and the racism row continues.  Think this is all media hype, I really don't see 'Strictly' viewers as the racist type.  And this week Laura was injured so didn't dance & got a bye to next week.  Like it or not, those are the Strictly rules!

On to this week's performances:

Judge Rinder & Oksana
The trout mouth was back this week!  Not a bad dance, flicks a bit floppy but good hip swing in places. A bit flat footed & suzie cues needed more swivels but good energy.
My score - 8

Lesley & Anton
Needed to flex knees & pull top line back & raise chin. Well performed as usual. Some heel leads missed. Great content, she did well to remember as much as she did.
My score - 7

Greg & Natalie
His left elbow was too high. Not enough pressure into the floor so lack of knee action resulting in no hips. Free arm a bit lacking too.
My score - 6

Anastacia & Gorka
Nicely danced. A bit of gapping & needed to pull ribcage up. Good routine, nice & light.  Did well with a new partner.
My score - 8

Louise & Kevin
Need to keep feet on the floor when taking a step.  She was picking up so not enough hip action for me. Good musicality.  Classy but didn't think there was much chemistry there.
My score - 8

Ed & Katya
A shame about the lift but he did well not to drop her.  Too ambitious if you ask me! NOt bad control on the foxtrot but needed more drive. Other lifts were quite good.
My score - 6

Ore & Joanne
Romantic. Good footwork and rise & fall but his left side of his frame moved a lot & his left arm kept going up & down. Did well to hit the right frame after breaking away & reconnecting into the standing spin. Good control & no gapping.
My score - 9

Daisy & Aljaz
Very original & classy. Not much basic movements but what she danced of them she did well. Good lifts too.
My score - 8

Danny & Oti
Some hip actions forced (the first forward walks) but some were ok. He lead well but needed more knee actions at point to help his hips. Sometimes over danced but was one of the better male celeb rumbas.
My score - 8

Claudia & AJ
A few errors & looked a lot like she was only just keeping up with the content & the speed.  It was a routine he did for him rather than her, in my opinion. A bit fantic & stiff in places.
My score - 8

My bottom 2 this week - Ed & Greg but doubt Ed will be in the dance off as he seems popular.

Until next week

Keeeep dancing!

Lloyd x

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