Sunday, 16 October 2016

Week 4

Ok, I will quickly mention that I think the judges made the wrong decision.  Neither Laura nor Tameka should have been in the dance off but out of the 2 of them I thought that Tameka's dance was more polished in the dance off.

Anyway, on to this week's performances:

Greg & Natalie 
He was a bit stompy & needed more hip rotation. A bit hectic in places & a bit aggressive for some reason. Good lifts though.
My score - 7

Laura & Giovanni
Her chin is too high & had a bad left hand.  Her head was too far back (that's not how to create a good posture). Good energy though & kept up with the routine well.
My score - 8

Anastacia & Brendan
Not a single judge mentioned the heel leads! So, therefore there was not enough hip action for me. Nice ronde though & spins seemed a bit more controlled. Good arms.
My score - 6 (would have been 7 if there were no heel leads)

Claudia & AJ
Needed more drive for me. Good attempt at heel turns but struggled with the syncopated double reverse spin section. Good top line though.
My score - 7

Ed & Katya
Oh dear, Ed decides to put an entire series worth of mistakes into one dance! He was also the most camp matador I've ever seen. I did see some Paso figures like a La Passe which he did the proper steps in.  Very stompy but oddly still very watchable?!
My score - 5

Naga & Pasha
Much better this week. She got more of the routine right & a lot was solo work.  Better performance level too. Good energy & I disagreed with Craig, I like a Charleston to be 'informal' & slapstick.
My score - 7

Louise & Kevin
Wrong music to do a foxtrot any justice. Lots of training footage of heel turns but I didn't see her dance one?! Loses top line on occasion but good arms & styling.  Good footwork too.
My score - 8

Danny & Oti
He's good! Great energy, good frame, tons of content.  Nice to have proper music too! Good flight across the floor. Just a bit of gapping at times.
My score - 9

Daisy & Aljaz
A bit stilted at times, needed more hip action. Romantic & good delayed forward walk action in her opening outs.
My score - 8

Judge Rinder & Oksana
His natural turns needed sway & his fleckerl was under rotated. He got most heel leads in but needed more drive. Awful music again.
My score - 7

Lesley & Anton
This woman astounds me. Amazing energy, no errors, great swivels, good lifts. Understandably started to flag towards the end.
My score - 8

Ore & Joanne
Smashed it! Incredible technique. The new top dog of this series and the one to beat.  I instantly watched Jill Halfpenny & Jay's jives to compare & I think Ore's was better. More flicks & kicks than Jill's and a lot more solo work than Jay's
My score - 10 (I know it's only week 4 but credit where it's due!)

My bottom 2 - Anastacia & Ed

Until next week......keeeeep dancing!

Lloyd x

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