Saturday, 24 September 2016

Week 1, Episode 2

Well we thought last night was good, but tonight was even better!  Ed Balls isn't abysmal!

I have to quickly say that I still wonder at all of the dances they make the celebs perform on week 1. Paso Doble & Tango?  Give them a chance!

Part 2 of the performances:

Louise & Kevin
Best so far. Really liked these 2. Great energy, excellent timing & did a lot of it solo - very brave! Tons of content too.  Good work, Kevin!  Think she is one to watch.
My score - 8

Melvin & Janette
Not good. Not much content, too much mucking about in the middle of it. Flat footed so no hips. Good energy though.
My score - 5

Daisy & Aljaz
Very romantic. Good poise but could be slightly further back, it was held well through the pivots. Good stride and rise & fall.
My score - 8

Danny & Oti
Good timing & energy. Very clean with good hips & rhythm. Best cha cha cha so far.
My score - 8

Tameka & Gorka
Paso on week 1 is just wrong.  A hard dance for this early but at least she go it out of the way on a week she cant get voted out!  Awful music, awful camera work.  A good attempt but a bit soft in places for me, probably due to the music. Good performance though.
My score - 6

Anastacia & Brendan
Well performed, very flexible & good rhythm. Great body control but a shame about losing balance on the spin which seemed to out her off a bit.
My score - 6

Ed & Katya
Well, I'm staggered!  Good frame (better than some of the others!), excellent footwork (sorry Craig but I saw a lot of rising on his toes!). He does need to work on his fall though. Soooo much better than I expected - I will have to eat humble pie on the radio show on Saturday morning!  He just needs to drop his shoulders a bit.  Totally agreed with Len's comments.
My score - 6

Claudia & AJ
I wish they wouldn't train in trainers!  It doesn't help with feeling the floor & must be against health & safety as they stick to the floor & can cause injury!  A bit stilted & agree with Len (again!) that they need to stop with the gymnastics.  She needs to express more & let go a bit.  He seemed a bit camera hungry to me - maybe that will calm down when he settles into it.
My score - 6

Will & Karen
Not bad.  Lost a few steps in one part. Good drama & performance. Not a bad poise & good foot speed. He needs to keep his knees flexed at all times - came out of them a few times.
My score - 7

I won't give a bottom 2 this week.  I'm going to wait until next week.

I have to say that I think this is already shaping up to be a brilliant series.  Some really good first performances.

Until next week,

keeeep dancing!


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