Sunday, 2 October 2016

Week 2

Firstly, apologies for the lateness of this blog post! A child-free night away meant that I didn't get to watch the show until Sunday afternoon!  I promise that I've written this before seeing anything to do with the results show!

So, this weekend we got to see all 15 couples & compare them.  The only difficulty was trying to compare 8 different dance styles!  So I did what any good judge would do and marked them on their individual merit.

The performances:

Ore & Joanne
Sorry but I think her choreography is letting him down.  Too much disco & not enough proper figures. He was dancing 'out of his hip' as I call it so wasn't into the floor enough, therefore no hip action (also due to the fact that he was flat footed). He had a lot of timing issues too.  Good performance though & would probably do better with a different pro.
My score - 6

Claudia & AJ
He is dumbing his dancing ability down to her level instead of trying to get her to dance to his (my coach would go mad if I did that!). A bit too much faffing at the start & needed more rise & fall. She also needs to wait to be lead instead of trying to do it herself, she was ahead of him a couple of times.Poise quite nice, especially during pivots at the beginning.
My score - 7

Will & Karen
Those trousers were awful & maybe he wouldn't have pulled a muscle if he wasn't wearing baseball boots!  He lost the routine quite a bit, was too flat footed & didn't have much energy. I wanted to pull his trousers up the whole way through! He also needed more doing with his free arm. Disappointed.
My score - 5

Lesley & Anton
Really liked it! Good character, good energy & not a bad technique either! Good leg actions too so had some hip movement.
My score - 7

Greg & Natalie
He really needs to get his pelvis forward. That would allow him to get his shoulders back & down & open his chest.  It would also sort his weight out to stop he being so ploddy. Hated the music - no way was that a Tango.  I also disagree with Bruno, a Tango should not glide.  The description of a walk in Tango from the technique book of the IDTA requires the feet to be picked up & placed with speed, not glided across the floor.
My score - 5

Tameka &  Gorka
He's gone down in my opinion. After the pull through the legs he was so intent on being on time, he let her struggle up from the floor on her own.  Not a very nice thing to do, especially from the pro dancer. Good energy & not bad swivels considering the shoes she was wearing! Good performance.
My score - 7

Laura & Giovanni
A bit too much out of hold for my liking. Needed more rise & fall and drive. Poise not bad but needs to get her back a fraction more. Good arms out of hold, quite romantic.
My score - 7

Melvin & Janette
Bad poise, kicking like a kick boxer instead of a dancer & stompy.  Bad music too.  Nothing else to be said really.  Didn't like it.
My score - 4

Louise & Kevin
This lady has surprised me. Lovely synchronicity with Kevin at the start & excellent arms. Poise lovely but lost it occasionally. Good fleckerl but the whole thing needed heel leads.
My score - 8

Anastacia & Brendan
Liked it but she looked in pain bless her. A bit under stated but a good performance.  Spins not great but better than last week.
My score - 6

Ed & Katya
I really liked it!  He didn't go wrong, he had good timing, he had a good character & great performance level. Full of energy, just a shame he didn't have the swivel action. I disagreed with Craig I'm afraid, it was very watchable. Good lifts too.
My score - 6

Naga & Pasha
Needs more knee action & energy.  No performance level really but not bad timing.  Shame about the mistakes again.
My score - 5

Judge Rinder & Oksana
Good lifts & performance but still a bit frantic at times.  Needs more drive & his footwork was a bit rubbish. Also not sure of his mouth actions, looks a bit like a fish gasping for air!
My score - 5 (almost a 6 if he calmed down a bit)

Daisy & Aljaz
Sorry but I disagree with the judges. It was a bit flat for me. Weak leg actions which were highlighted by her dress.  Think she may be this year's judges favourite?
My score - 6

Danny & Oti
That contraption is called a topline frame.  I have one & they are great to train poise properly. The dance was nice.  Good posture, good floor coverage but needs to stop 'spotting' when he turns. Missed heel leads so he wasn't as smooth in places as he could have been  Good natural dancer though.
My score - 8

My bottom 2 for the last 2 weeks combined - Naga & Melvin.

Before I go can I just ask, what's wrong with having traditional music for a Tango instead of the rubbish they are playing at the moment?!

Right, I'm off to watch the results show!

Until next week

keeeeeep dancing!

Lloyd x

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  1. Totally agree about the music!
    Yes also think daisy is the judge's favourite , I thought that was a lazy dance.