Saturday, 24 September 2016

Week 1 - Episode 1

Well, here we are again! Another, year, another Strictly & another Strictly Confidential!  I'm also excited to announce that as well as writing this blog I will also be live on BBC Radio Kent every Saturday morning (from next week) as their weekly Strictly 2016 reviewer!  So no you can here my views first hand as well as read them!

Nice to see this year's line-up it looks like we may have a good season!

On to tonight's performances:

Laura & Giovanni
Well performed & not a bad opener. She needed sharper & stronger leg actions to help with her hip movements. She lost her timing a bit towards the end too.
My score - 6

Naga & Pasha
Needs to keep her chin & eyes up which would help her poise.  A lady should never have her chest on the man's chest so she needs to pull up more. She had nice arms out of hold, She missed her section with the double reverse spins. Also needs to work on rise & fall which will help the whole thing look softer & needs to soften her supporting knee on her Same Foot Lunge & Contra Check actions. She did have a good body contact with Pasha (until she went wrong!)
My score - 5

Judge Rinder & Oksana
Well performed but a bit frantic.  Good spotting on his first spins but went downhill from there for me. His cha cha cha technique was very bad.  Flat footed & heel leads with no pressure through the floor.  All the 'performance' worked as a good distraction from his dance ability.
My score (for his technique) - 5

Lesley & Anton
Needs to get her shoulders down. She had good head placements though. Her footwork was pretty good, as were her heel turns. She also had the beginnings of rise & fall.
My score - 6

Ore & Joanne
Sorry but didn't see what the judges saw.  Don't get me wrong, he was quite good (unlike those trousers!) but I think he needs work. His poise is all off.  Needs to get his pelvis forward & open his chest but pinching his shoulder blades together, he is way too hunched.  Due to her desire to always be centre of attention, the beginning was far too long with too much faffing. The music stopped him creating the passion for a tango.  He has potential though.
My score - 5

Greg & Natalie
Pigeon toes are not good for Jive (or any latin really). Kicks were floppy & he lost a bit of the choreography at one point.  He was light for a big guy though and it was quit energetic.  Not bad for a non-dancer.
My score - 6

I will just like to get a couple of things off my chest from the outset.  Already the camera angles are not letting me see what I need to see technically.  Too much moving about.  The guys 'new' style trousers for latin (tight with belts) are awful & help to show off bad leg lines.
Finally, why are they calling it a Cha Cha and not a Cha Cha Cha?  If I called it a Cha Cha in front of my coach she would crucify me!

Anyway, I will be back tonight for the next episode.  Until then,

keeeeeep dancing!

Lloyd x

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